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How to Make Low-Sugar Cookies LLUSTRATION – Cookies (PHOTO: Monday, May 25, 2020

TIMESMINAHASA, JAKARTACookies, such as nastar (pineapple cookies), Putri Salju (crescent-shaped cookies coated with powdered sugar), Kastengel (cheese cookies), become the favorite of Indonesian people.

However, this kind of cookies contains sugar that can raise blood sugar level, which is dangerous for diabetic people. Fret not! Here is the tips to make low-sugar cookies for diabetic people.

1. Flour mixing

Mix the cookie ingredient with wheat flour to make a healthier snack for a diabetic person.

2. Substitute sugar with healthier sugar alternatives

You can substitute sugar with healthier sugar alternatives, such as natural sweetener that is extracted from plants, or the ones recommended by the doctor.

The taste can be sweeter than sugar, but it will not raise the blood sugar level.

3. Use diabetes-friendly butter

You can use diabetes-friendly butter to make cake or cookies for diabetic person.

You can make this kind of butter by mixing low-fat margarine or canola oil (or vegetable oil) to the cookie dough to make it healthier.

4. Add some fruits

Fiber is essential for diabetic people. Therefore, you may add some fruits to the cake or cookies, such as berries, coconut, or low-sugar dried fruits.

 “However, do not eat too much cookies as it could raise your blood sugar level,” said Chef Bahran.

That’s all the tips to make healthier, low-sugar Cookies, especially for diabetic people. (*)

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